The Willoughby Line  
line decor
line decor


  • Based off a design by Fred Headon
  • SP Trestle built on top for scenic interest
  • Solid mounting to layout through cut-away shelf
  • Provides easy entrance to walk in design


NOTES: The swing gate solves one of the classic walk-in layout design problems. How to cross the doorway and its corollary :How to get into the room without ducking. This gate has easily exceeded my expectations and wasn't hard to build. Thanks Fred.


The swing gate was built from plywood and was designed to have a bridge crossing it.. Facing into the room - gate swings away from you.





The view out of the room. Gate swings toward you.

The gate swinging toward the peninsula.



Notice the hinges on the right. The gate as designed has no lower support. In practice this proved rather springy. A lower cross support was added eventually.

The gate rests pretty comfortably on a solid pocket. Metal strike plates keep things in alignment. I have noticed that the gate alignment does move depending on humidity.



The trestle was built to SP standards and glued in place on the gate..

Look at all those NBW"s!!



The swing gate is painted and the trestle is dirted. The fascia adds a nice look to the scene.

The swing gate has most of the scenery and the classic reefer block is rumbling by....




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